SaSha nursing service

Culturally sensitive care
People are independent individuals, with their own needs, abilities, independence and self-determination.
We care for and look after the client in the home environment and feel like a guest and partner there, which means that their dignity, inviolability and independence are preserved or that they are guided there. We thus see people as personalities with their various needs, as well as rights and responsibilities, regardless of their social status, religion and nationality.

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We personally take care of all your concerns regarding care at home.

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96% of our customers are satisfied with us. We are proud of that.

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personal hygiene

Body care as the main component of care includes skin care in the…

Nursing advice

Those in need of care, those affected and caring relatives have many…


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Home help

We help our patients whose lives have been lost due to illness or accident…


We make sure we drink enough when preparing the food…


We accompany our patients shopping, going for a walk or…

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Our mission is to ensure our aging population receives the support and resources they deserve to continue living as the elders of our generation. Get in touch with our experts as soon as possible.

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